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Party Walls

You may have heard about The Party Wall etc. Act 1996, which is a piece of legislation that places rights and duties on neighbours on both sides of a boundary, where works on or close to the boundary are proposed.

Always provided the legislation is properly administered, the legislation is an effective tool to to ensure that all parties are properly protected.

As well as covering work on a party wall, the Act also covers excavations to a certain depth within prescribed distances from neighbouring properties.

We are happy to act as the Party Wall Surveyor on behalf of the Building Owner. Similarly, as an Adjoining Owner, if you are served Notice by your neighbour, we are able to advise you. As an Adjoining Owner, you are entitled to appoint a Surveyor to protect your interest, and in most circumstances you will not have to pay for our services, as reasonable costs are usually borne by the Building Owner.

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