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Commercial Work

Taking New business Premises

We would recommend that you undertake a Schedule of Condition on the premises, in the lease, and appended to it. A Schedule of Condition is an item by item written report including photographs describing the elements of the building, and their condition.

A Schedule protects any incoming tenant, to ensure that on expiry of the lease, the property is returned in a condition to that at commencement.


Dilapidations is a technical term covering breaches of a covenant to repair a building contained within a lease.

Typically, on termination of a lease, a Schedule of Dilapidations will be prepared itemising the breaches, and served on the tenant, Equally, this could be mid term in the lease, if specified.

We are happy to act on behalf of Landlords to provide a Terminal or Interim Schedule of Dilapidations, and equally, we would happily act on behalf of the tenant to defend against the Schedule.

Building Works & Alterations

We work for a number of private companies, maintaining their buildings, and carrying out alterations, repairs, and improvements. See our heading Project Management.

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