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Building Surveys (Level Three Report)

Why Have a Survey 

The purchase of a property is the largest single investment the majority of people will make in their lifetime, and it is therefore imperative that you proceed in the full knowledge of all the facts. A survey will: 

  • Assist you in making a well informed and reasoned judgment as to whether to proceed.
  • Provide you with actions/decisions you need to undertake, i.e. you may have to obtain specialist reports -electrical, drainage survey etc.
  • Identify defects which you are not aware of, enabling you to negotiate an appropriate reduction in the purchase price.
  • Identify your future liabilities, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Determine if the purchase price is reasonable, having regards to it's condition, location, size etc.

Building Survey

We undertake full Building Surveys (formally known as a Structural Survey now classed as a Level Three Survey)  as this is an in depth report, examining all accessible parts of the property.

We are more than happy to discuss any particular concerns that you may have with the property prior to the inspection, so that we can ensure that we fully address these within the survey report. We want to tailor our report to your particular requirements. Often people want to carry out alterations, and by discussing these with the surveyor first, we can check for any potential difficulties.

Why not ask us to send you a sample Building Survey Report.

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